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What Size Of AC Should I Purchase For My Place?

Many reasons can compel you to buy a new AC. Maybe your previous one lost its efficiency, got damaged beyond repair even after scheduling air …

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What Happens If You Set Your AC Too Low?

The temperature in most people’s homes has a distinct preference. While some homeowners prefer to maintain their thermostat at 77 or 78 degrees Fahrenheit, others …

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How To Remove Ice From The Outside Part Of The Air Conditioner?

One common problem we all have invariably faced with our air conditioners is the formation of ice on the cooling coils of the appliance. The …

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Can You Use A Hairdryer To Defrost An AC?

When an air conditioning unit stops generating cool air, it could be influenced by many problems. Although, one of the most widespread problems is that …

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AC Drain Line – It’s Clogging And Fixing!

Your air conditioning unit not just eliminates heat from your place, but it further removes moisture as well. During the humid summer days, an air …

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How Long Should Ac Run After Reaching Temperature?

It can be tough to keep an HVAC system in good working order. If you’ve recently moved or had a new system installed, you might …

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