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How Can You Make Your Air Conditioner Cool Faster?

Air conditioners are required to live comfortably, especially in the scorching summer days. In fact, these devices keep your room temperature tolerable all through the year. However, not everyone using an AC gets the same experience as far as cooling is concerned. There are users who feel the AC unit is taking too long to cool down the room or the cooling performance is less than adequate. There can be various reasons behind these. It is not always the device that is faulty, but the usage pattern also plays a role.

Tips to Make Your AC Cool the Rooms Fast

Try the below-listed tips to enhance the efficiency of your air conditioner:

  • Check the Sunlight Seeping in the Room: Depending on the location of your room, it may get exposed to sunlight for a long time during the day. If this happens, the air conditioner is stressed, and it takes a long time to cool down the room effectively. While you can’t change the location of a room, it is certainly possible to reduce the amount of exposure it gets to sunlight. Use curtains to prevent sunlight from getting into the room when the AC is working. You may also install dark-tinted glass on the windows.
  • Check for Coolant Leakage: Sometimes, the coolant gas or refrigerant used in the AC may get leaked. When this happens, the cooling efficiency of the AC takes a hit, and it takes longer to cool down a room. Get this checked by hiring a suitable service provider for inspecting and repairing AC in La Puente.
  • Check for Openings: For the air conditioner to cool effectively, your room must not have openings. If the doors and windows are not shut well or there is a significant gap between partitions and floor, the AC will take longer to cool the room. So, check properly for the holes and openings in the room.
  • Get the AC Serviced Periodically: This is required not only for faster room cooling, but also for enhancing the lifespan of the device. It is a good idea to get the device checked once a year or twice. The wiring, ducts, and parts have to be cleaned well. If these get clogged with dirt and dust, the cooling performance will go down. You will also get unhealthy air inside the room.
  • Use Heat-generating Appliances Wisely: This is a factor many users do not even think about. If the AC is in a room where a heat-generating appliance is running, that can affect cooling time and performance. So, make it a point to run such appliances at a time when the AC is not running. Examples include microwave, OTG, clothes dryer, etc.

It makes sense to get your AC checked periodically and thoroughly by agencies offering repair and installation services. There are some good AC installation companies in La Puente, and they also offer preventive maintenance and repair packages. If you do not have much time to compare and want a reliable solution, go for Temp Air System.

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leak in the AC Unit?

You may experience numerous types of problems while using air conditioner units, regardless of the type and model. The ACs, after all, are appliances and have parts that get worn out over time. Sometimes, lack of proper cleanup and servicing leads to snags in ACs. One of the most commonplace AC problems faced by the users is refrigerant leakage. Sometimes, the problem may be hard to pinpoint for the users. When this happens, the cooling efficiency of the AC goes down. You experience reduced cooling, and after a time, the device may blow warm air only! In such times, calling a dependable agency for air conditioning repair in La Puente is required.

Calculating the Cost of Fixing Leakage in the AC Unit

Unless your AC is old and worn out, hiring an expert AC repair agency can resolve the leakage problem. However, you may think about the AC leakage repair cost. The cost of leakage repair may not be equal in all instances. It depends on some factors. These are:

  • Time of Repair: If you are lucky enough to spot the leakage at an early stage, the cost of leakage repair will not be much. Call a reliable expert for AC repair in La Puente, and get a quote. However, those who spot the AC coolant leakage much later may have to pay steeper bills.
  • The Extent of Damage: If the leakage is small and is detected early, the agency will repair the device and refill the gas. It may cost you around $160-$375 approx. However, in cases where the leakage exists for quite some time, the bill is likely to be above $550. In such instances, replace AC parts that have been damaged owing to functioning with a reduced amount of coolant. Duct or pipe replacement may add to the bill too.
  • Additional Charges: Sometimes, you may have to pay additional charges for AC leakage repair, which can happen if you call an agency for emergency AC repair in La Puente. The agency may charge extra for fixing the issue on a holiday or weekend.

Hire a Reliable Agency for AC Leakage Repair

When you spot AC coolant leakage or drainage issues at home, it is required to hire a reliable AC repair company. It would be a better idea to sign up for the maintenance services of such companies. That way, they will checkup your AC unit a few times every year. AC coolant leakage or any other performance issue will be detected at an early stage. It will save you from hassles and unnecessary expenses in the long run. Some agencies offer AMC for the HVAC systems or AC units.

Before hiring any agency for AC leakage repair, you must find relevant information and check out customer reviews. However, you may count on Temp Air System for a one-stop solution for all types of AC performance issues and repair. It offers comprehensive AC repair and tune-up services at reasonable rates.

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Air Conditioner Not Working? Problems and Their Solutions

During the summer months, you expect your air conditioning system to run without any trouble. But unfortunately, you may face issues even with the best air conditioning system at times. So, what to do when you find your air conditioning system is not working correctly? Don’t worry! The HVAC experts at Temp Air System are always there to help you troubleshoot and fix your air conditioning system, and make it run correctly.

Here is a list of some of the common problems which may help you identify a solution.

Your AC Not Blowing Cold Air:

A simple work of the air conditioning system is to cool down your house. If you find that your AC is not blowing out cold air, you need to ensure that all the vents are open, and the thermostat is set correctly.

If these are not the problems, the next thing that you need to check is the air filters. If your air filters are clogged with dirt or other debris, you won’t get the proper airflow. The evaporator coils of the AC can get frozen due to the clogging, and the ice and frost may desist the airflow.

You can clean the air filters of the AC with a soft brush, water, and mild soap, if needed. You must clean the air filter at least once every month, and change them whenever required. The cooling of your AC may also get affected if there is any problem with the fan or the fan motor of the AC. In such a case, you need to call at (626) 313-4055, and ask an HVAC expert to visit and inspect your AC unit.

The Air Conditioner is Leaking Water:

If your air conditioner is found to leak water inside or outside your house, you need to know some facts. During the humid summer days, it is common seeing a little splash of water under the condenser unit. But if you notice any water leakage inside your home, you need to take the correct action to avoid further costly damages to your air conditioner.

The water leakage inside your home might be due to the clogging of the condensate drain line of your AC. You can use a dry or wet vacuum to unclog the line. But if the problem doesn’t get fixed even after that, the drain pan could have caught rust, or the condensate pump may have broken down. In either circumstances, you need to ask a Temp Air System technician to replace or repair the damaged parts.

AC Fan Is Not Working:

When you face the problem with your AC fan or find it not working, check if there is tripping in the breaker. If that is not the problem, you might need to check the air filters.

If the air filters are blocked, you know how to fix them. If there is ice formation on the evaporator coil or refrigerant lines, you need to wait for the ice to melt, and then recheck the fan. If you find that the issue did not get resolved even after this, the next probable reason can be a frozen coil. If the coil is frozen, it requires to get serviced by an HVAC professional.

The Temp Air System technicians may help you solve the problem by replacing the fan belts or other contacts inside the fan relay. They can even replace the motor if needed.

You may also find other problems related to your AC, apart from those included in the above list. Make sure that you schedule an annual checkup of your AC by an expert air conditioner technician from Temp Air System by calling on (626) 313-4055. Your air conditioning system will last longer with a regular checkup.

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AC Maintenance Tips to Help You Save Money

Once you have installed your air conditioner, you have to ensure that you service and maintain the same properly. Without proper AC maintenance, the machine will not be able to run smoothly for a long time. Along with ensuring the smooth functioning of the system, AC maintenance is also needed for keeping electricity bills under control. All AC installation companies in La Puente recommend AC servicing and maintenance to enhance longevity of the compressor, condenser and other valuable components of the machine. You will also be able to avoid costly emergency AC repair in La Puente with little maintenance.

Mentioned below are some important maintenance tips which will help in saving a good deal of money:

  • Check the Thermostat–Check if the thermostat is responding properly. Check if the temperature in your home is being regulated the way you want. In case there are problems with the thermostat, think of getting a programmable thermostat. The advantage of such thermostats is that they can be personalized as required (for home/when away from home) and are highly efficient. It has been seen that these thermostats help in saving on utility bills as well.
  • Clean the Air Filters or if Required, Replace Them –A lot of stress is exerted on the air conditioner to cool your house and circulate cold air throughout the house. And the air passes through filters in the machine. Dust and dirt tend to get trapped in the filter and become dirty. If the filters are washable, clean them at regular intervals of 60-90 days. If they are not, replace them. Clean filters mean higher efficiency of the system and low utility bills.
  • The Outside Unit Should Be Clean–The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is as important as the indoor unit. You must regularly check that the outdoor unit is clean, and there are no overgrowths of vegetation. If possible, gently rinse the outdoor unit ensuring that water doesn’t enter the unit. Rinse away debris, dust, dirt, mold, mildew, dryer lint, etc. to clean the unit. Also clean the concrete slab so that there is no obstruction in draining of water from the unit.
  • Ensure That the Drain Lines Are Clear–When the air conditioner runs, water is drained from the system via a drain pipe. For the efficient working of the air conditioner, it is important that the water must be drained out properly. When debris, dirt, critters or algae clog up the drain line, water passage is restricted and water flows back dripping into the home. Unclean air also starts circulating in the room with this problem.
  • Let the Outside Unit Breathe; Keep Plants and Debris Away–Plants might grow around the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. This might restrict the air circulation from the unit. Thus, it is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 2 feet from the outdoor unit if there are plants around. Also, clear if there is any debris near the unit as well.

If you want to avert emergency AC repair in La Puente, pay heed to the maintenance tips recommended by the AC installation companies in La Puente.

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Spring is in the air here in La Puente and that means vacation plans are on the horizon. While you’re planning what you need to pack and take with you, don’t forget what you’re leaving behind, your home. The Temp Air System Inc team has some recommendations that will work to keep your home safe and help save some money on your utility bills while you enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

  • Install Timers – Timers are an inexpensive way to make your home appear as though you’re still home by turning off and on the lights as if you never left. It’s a good idea to program your lights to correspond with your typical schedule.
  • Enlist the help of a house-sitter – If you have a trusted friend or family member, ask them if they’d mind stopping by and [[checking in on|check up on|look over]18 the house while you’re away. There’s no greater comfort than a text while you’re out of town letting you know that everything at home is perfect.
  • Wait to share – We aren’t going to tell you not to share photos of your amazing vacation on social media, but try to hold off until after you are back to post anything about your trip. Family and friends most likely already know you’re leaving so there’s no need in letting potential criminals know your plans. Everyone will be just as enchanted by the wonderful things you saw after you safely return home.
  • Hold the Mail – The USPS has made it as simple as ever to put a hold on your mail you can do it online right now.
  • Unplugged – If an electrical device is plugged in, even if it’s not on, it’s using energy. An easy way to save some energy while you’re away is to unplug some of your electronics. Something that you may not have thought of unplugging is your garage door. It will save you energy and it will also be another safeguard for your home.
  • Adjust the thermostat – If you’re on vacation there’s no reason to keep your home heated and cooled to your comfort level. If you have a digital thermostat you can set the thermostat back to your ideal level so you arrive back to a safe, cozy home.

These are some painless tips to add to your spring break prep checklist, right after finding the perfect bathing suit. If you have any questions about protecting your home this season or want to review additional energy saving tips, give Temp Air System Inc in La Puente a call at 800-630-0082.

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If you’ve been suffering from respiratory discomfort you’ve probably made appointments with your doctor, but the appointment you may not have thought to make that could really make a difference is for a duct cleaning.

A lot of people don’t understand all of the benefits a qualified duct cleaning can offer. If you’ve recently undergone a remodeling project or perhaps you moved into an older home, a duct cleaning is something you’ll want to add to that ever-growing to-do list to ensure the air throughout your home is fresh and healthy.

There are some signals you can look out for to prove that it is time to schedule a duct cleaning. If you note any of the subsequent signs, call the professionals at Temp Air System Inc in La Puente about booking an appointment for a professional duct cleaning.

  • Detectable mold growth within your ductwork or any of your HVAC components
  • Extra dirt or dust around the house, caused by a recent remodel or the age of the home
  • If you note any evidence of insects or rodents in your ducts

There are numerous benefits to having a professional duct cleaning such as, the peace of mind that the air in your home is clean and won’t be adversely impacting your health, but another advantage is that it could help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Pollutants in your ductwork and HVAC unit cause it to work harder, which negatively impacts the efficiency and life of your system. The more improved the efficiency, the lower your utility bills.

Staying healthy and cozy in your home is as important to us as it is to you. We want to help you boost your indoor air quality and your energy efficiency in the process. If you have noticed any of the signs we mentioned above give Temp Air System Inc in La Puente a call at 800-630-0082 or set up an appointment with us online.

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Understanding what different air conditioners can offer is quite critical before deciding on an air conditioner replacement. Plus, every homeowner has their own comfort checklist and ever-changing personal preferences. All of these are central factors in determining the perfect air conditioner for your home, including these considerations that all homeowners should remember next time they are searching for a new system:

1. Efficiency

Efficiency ratings have been regarded at a new level of importance recently, when saving money and being environmentally friendly are more important than ever before. When properly sized and installed, air conditioners work more effectively and can save you loads of money on your monthly energy bills. Temp Air System Inc in La Puente will deliver quality service and make sure that your system is operating as best as it can.

2. Quiet operation

Air conditioners can be disruptive, especially if your system is old with outdated technology. The more modern the system, the softer it’s operation. Decibel ratings can give information about the noisiness of each system, so be on the lookout for that information when looking at different air conditioners.

3. Reliability

Searching for the best tested and most dependable air conditioners is critical to locating the top system, especially when your air conditioner is one of the greatest and most vital pieces of equipment you will get for your home. Select a reliable company in La Puente like Temp Air System Inc to rely on for all your air conditioner needs.

4. Airflow

Air is continuously flowing through your home with any air conditioner system; make sure that your usual comfort levels are encountered with constant, healthy airflow. Systems that use a variable speed motor are the on the right track in improving this home comfort.

5. Consistency

1.Air conditioners that use a programmable thermostat can increase constant comfort to your home without you even having to consider it. Not only that, but programmable thermostats can also expand your energy savings, too.

If you are thinking about an air conditioner replacement, ask yourself how your current system is working on each of these factors: efficiency, noise levels, reliability, and consistency? If you realize that your requirements are not being hit, the specialists at Temp Air System Inc in La Puente can help. Give them a call at 800-630-0082 and keep your home cozy!

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Hot and cold spots in your home can be bothersome to say the least. They can be uncomfortable, but what’s worse is that they could point to problems with your heating and cooling system. You may want air conditioner service and Temp Air System Inc is ready to help you, but we’ve got some things you can try before we come out.

Hot and cold spots could mean you have an inadequate number of cold air return vents or it could mean something as straightforward as unblocking a blocked air vent. The only thing you have to do is walk through your home and see if anything is blocking any of your vents. If you find that you have a vent or two obscured by furniture or your child has dropped clothes in front of one, you’re not getting the most from your heating and cooling system.

If the concern is something more significant like needing more cold air return vents, you should talk with an expert—whether during a scheduled air conditioner service appointment or if you call about this issue specifically. It’s amazing how many homes have only a single cold air return. This may not be sufficient to keep your home evenly heated or cooled.

What can you do?

  • Examine the layouts of the rooms that have hot and cold spots. Even if vents aren’t directly blocked, the arrangement of furniture in each room could be preventing continual airflow throughout that room.
  • Call Temp Air System Inc to have a professional duct system analysis, so we can find the cause of your hot and cold spots. We can give you recommendations and help you resolve any potential problems we find.
  • Have an expert clean your ducts to make a positive change to your home’s comfort. This may not solve all of your problems with hot and cold spots, but you may notice a big improvement once your vents are cleared out.

Stop hot and cold spots from making your home uncomfortable and your HVAC system inefficient. If you’ve located hot and cold spots in your home, call Temp Air System Inc in La Puente to schedule air conditioner service. Call 800-630-0082 or set up an appointment today.*

* The above tips are based on opinion and should not merely be relied upon without consideration of your particular situation or any additional unique facts and circumstances. Temp Air System Inc MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE INFORMATION SET FORTH HEREIN, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY REGARDING ITS CURRENCY, ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OR ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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Homeownership is a lot of work. Sometimes too much. Projects seem to multiply and sometimes simple tasks, like changing your air filter, fall to the wayside. That shouldn’t be a huge deal, right? Wrong. Something that simple could lead to your needing an AC repair. There are a few things you should always remember to do when it comes to your air conditioner that could save you from potentially pricey repairs:

  • Notice unusual sounds from your air conditioner
    You get used to all the sounds that ordinarily occur in your house, but always be sure to take notice if your air conditioner starts making unusual sounds. It may be an odd hum or rattling, or another sound, but if it’s not a sound you’re accustomed to hearing, have it checked out. If you neglect it, you’ll have a greater chance of an emergency AC repair. The professionals at Temp Air System Inc can help you get in front of a small problem before it turns into a massive problem.
  • Keep your air filter clean
    It’s really easy to forget to clean or change your air filter, but it’s detrimental for your air conditioner. A clogged air filter blocks air flow and makes your air conditioner work harder than it needs to. That makes it less effective and could lead to an increase in your utility bills. Make note of how quickly your filter becomes dirty and set a reminder to switch it regularly.
  • Schedule regular maintenance
    To ensure it is operating at its best, your air conditioner depends upon routine maintenance just like your car does. If you delay this preventive maintenance, it could cost you a lot of problems that could’ve easily been discovered during a maintenance appointment turn into larger issues that lead to an AC repair.

No matter if your air conditioner is new or if you’ve had it for years, you can do these things to escape AC repairs. If you want to learn more ways to help prevent AC repairs, call Temp Air System Inc in La Puente at 800-630-0082.

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The best place to start saving money is right inside your home. The Department of Energy estimates the money spent heating and cooling your home to make up 48% of your utility bill. You’ll be happy to hear that saving money on your energy bills doesn’t require a lot of time or money. The first place you’ll want to start on your money saving journey is scheduling your routine furnace service. The team at Temp Air System Inc in La Puente has put together a couple tips that will help you keep down the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Program Your Programmable Thermostat

Technology is advancing faster than ever and the technology inside your thermostat is no exception. Our iComfort S30 utilizes the GPS from your smartphone and observes when you have left and adjusts itself to not waste energy while you are out which can potentially save money. It can not only detect when you’ve left, it also knows when you will return and learns your routine and adjusts itself accordingly.

Studies done by the Department of Energy have concluded that having a well programmed, or smart thermostat, can save you on cooling costs. While still maintaining your comfort, set the thermostat as low as you can during the winter months and as high as you can during the summer. It’s not hard for your body to make those adjustments if you change the temperature a degree a day. We offer several different thermostat options and we can help you pick out the one that will work best with your schedule.

If your schedule changes often, a 7-day model is the best choice. The 7-day model allows you to set different temperature periods on the weekends and keep a regular schedule on weekdays.

Selecting and Maintaining Your System

If you think you may be reaching the point where your system will need to be replaced, look into your options so you’re able to make an educated decision when that day arrives. Some things you’ll want to look into are the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of air conditioners and the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of furnaces. The higher the rating, the greater the chance to save money.

If you’re in the market for a new system or just looking to maximize the efficiency of your existing system, the team at Temp Air System Inc in La Puente can help you out every step of the way. If you need to schedule service or have any questions give us a call at 800-630-0082.