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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leak in the AC Unit?

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How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Leak in the AC Unit?

You may experience numerous types of problems while using air conditioner units, regardless of the type and model. The ACs, after all, are appliances and have parts that get worn out over time. Sometimes, lack of proper cleanup and servicing leads to snags in ACs. One of the most commonplace AC problems faced by the users is refrigerant leakage. Sometimes, the problem may be hard to pinpoint for the users. When this happens, the cooling efficiency of the AC goes down. You experience reduced cooling, and after a time, the device may blow warm air only! In such times, calling a dependable agency for air conditioning repair in La Puente is required.

Calculating the Cost of Fixing Leakage in the AC Unit

Unless your AC is old and worn out, hiring an expert AC repair agency can resolve the leakage problem. However, you may think about the AC leakage repair cost. The cost of leakage repair may not be equal in all instances. It depends on some factors. These are:

  • Time of Repair: If you are lucky enough to spot the leakage at an early stage, the cost of leakage repair will not be much. Call a reliable expert for AC repair in La Puente, and get a quote. However, those who spot the AC coolant leakage much later may have to pay steeper bills.
  • The Extent of Damage: If the leakage is small and is detected early, the agency will repair the device and refill the gas. It may cost you around $160-$375 approx. However, in cases where the leakage exists for quite some time, the bill is likely to be above $550. In such instances, replace AC parts that have been damaged owing to functioning with a reduced amount of coolant. Duct or pipe replacement may add to the bill too.
  • Additional Charges: Sometimes, you may have to pay additional charges for AC leakage repair, which can happen if you call an agency for emergency AC repair in La Puente. The agency may charge extra for fixing the issue on a holiday or weekend.

AC Repair Cost by Type of Repair

Type of Repair Cost
Clogged Air Filter $75-$195
Blower $100-$150
Circuit Board $100-$150
Clogged AC drain $100-$150
Dirty Outside AC Unit $100-$300
Refrigerant Recharge $125-$300
Expansion Valve $150-$200
Capacitor $200-$250
Freon leak $200-$1,500
Coil Leak $250-$2,000
Fan Motor $450-$650
Compressor $600-$1,200

Cost to Replace Parts of an AC Unit

Replacement Part Cost
Fuse $15-$300
Relay $20-$300
Thermostat $50-$450
Condensate Pump $100-$160
Capacitor $100-$300
Circuit Board $100-$500
Blower $150-$600
Fan Motor $200-$675
Expansion Valve $250-$450
Evaporator Coil $250-$2,000
Compressor $1,000-$2,500

Hire a Reliable Agency for AC Leakage Repair

When you spot AC coolant leakage or drainage issues at home, it is required to hire a reliable AC repair company. It would be a better idea to sign up for the maintenance services of such companies. That way, they will checkup your AC unit a few times every year. AC coolant leakage or any other performance issue will be detected at an early stage. It will save you from hassles and unnecessary expenses in the long run. Some agencies offer AMC for the HVAC systems or AC units.

Before hiring any agency for AC leakage repair, you must find relevant information and check out customer reviews. However, you may count on Temp Air System for a one-stop solution for all types of AC performance issues and repair. It offers comprehensive AC repair and tune-up services at reasonable rates.